About Me

I love the F Word in case that isn’t obvious. I love how it can be molded to be any part of speech – noun, verb, gerund – and still makes sense somehow. I like to write it and I like to say it, so I’ve given myself some opportunities to do so.

I have written articles for The Good Men Project, as well as some stuff on my own.  I’m currently going back to college to get a degree in Philosophy because I love to be fucking wish washy.

I’m also the co-founder and co-host of Fresh Kittens which can be found on Facebook and as a podcast on iTunes and Podbean. My high school buddy, Joe Lange, and I talk smack about a lot of things that we don’t claim any specific expert knowledge on, but we have a great fucking time doing it.

Lastly, I’m an Ordained Priest of the Church of the Latter Day Dude. I really dig their philosophy, man, and they allow me to be married.