Tweet Head


Trump has been tweeting his way through politics for years now and we all watched. He took his 140 character allowance to critique Obama, denigrate women and insult anyone who called him out for being an asshole.

He used it during the campaign to attack all of his enemies, from Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton. He tweeted his disdain for the media over and over again. This was the same media that gave him billions of dollars of free advertising. He even used it to insult a Gold Star family simply because they spoke the truth

But, now that he’s President (cough, choke), he doesn’t seem to realize that things are different. As President, using Twitter to declare terrorist motives behind a botched robbery, insulting the mayor of a major city to one of our biggest allies, and supporting a policy in the Middle East that may be fractured due to a planted fake news story by the Russians and may put US troops in harm’s way is just fucking nuts.

Now, his craziness takes an even more drastic turn when he announces he may tweet during the testimony of the FBI Director he fired because that Director was investigating him and his associates of collusion with a foreign power.

If you think this guy is sane or mature or capable, then I have to question your sanity, maturity and capability.


Speak Dirty to Me


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Oooh, give it to me.  Give me those dirty words so I can say them over and over again.  Yeah, that’s it.  I love me some filth.

Liberal.  Oh yeah, that word just gets me so hot.  Every time there’s some sort of terrorist tragedy, I like to blame those horrible liberals and their “political correctness”.  Those are filthy words, too.  Gives me a political erection.

Conservative.  That’s another word that gets me all crazy and sweaty.  Every time the poor get the shit end of the stick, I like to put it all on those dirty, filthy conservatives.  Every war, too. Wars are so hot.

Then we all speak dirty to one another and get our hackles up and then we can’t listen to another word each other is saying because we’re in a frenzy.  Then no problems get resolved.  They only get worse.

I think we need to clean our mouths out with soap.


Let Us Not Forget Donuts


On this day, June 2nd, the year of some lord, two-thousand and seventeen, let us not forget all the donuts and crullers that gave their lives so that we could all experience the sweet taste of frosting, the icky feeling of creme filling bursting into your mouth and the annoying stickiness of powder on our fingers.

Donuts have given us so much – heart disease, high cholesterol and diabetes – all while being yummy.  That’s pretty tough to do.

We all have our favorites (mine is chocolate glazed) and we all have that one donut we won’t touch even if it’s the last one in the box of free donuts one of your co-workers brought in to be nice (sorry, plain powdered donuts).  We can’t gen enough of those tasty treats – so much so, that we even eat their holes.  Is nothing sacred?

Through late night drinking binges and the sometimes resulting early morning walks of shame, the donut has been our friend.  We don’t even care if they’re stale because we can always dunk them in our watered down coffee.

So, today, raise one for me and for all of your brothers and sisters, chocolate creme, sprinkled, glazed, or with brownie bites, it doesn’t matter.  We all stand together, holes and all.


Am I Crazy about AI?


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When someone says that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a threat to the survival of humanity, they are normally looked at as if they said they just saw Elvis in a local McDonald’s yesterday.  It is quickly pointed out that there are so many other ways for the human race to become extinct – pandemic, nuclear war, climate change, even an asteroid – that they don’t even want to think about the fact that technology could be our undoing.  Why not?

First, we don’t actually know what AI is.  Every phone has some sort of AI in it.  Siri is AI.  Google Home is AI. Amazon Echo is AI.  Advertising uses AI – that’s why you have customized ads pop up on the websites you visit.  But, those seem so harmless, so how can they actually kill you?

Sam Harris gives us an easy picture as to how AI will grow and become smarter.

Nick Bostrum also cautions us about it’s inevitability and danger.

Daniel Suarez actually tells us about autonomous robots that can kill.  They exist now.

So, how far are we from losing, no, ceding, control to AI in matters of life and death? Perhaps, not as far as you would think. Some scientists estimate that between 30-50 years, we may reach what is called the “singularity”, where AI will surpass human intelligence and possess the ability for self-improvement.  Suddenly, the dystopian future of The Terminator series is not as much as science fiction as it is science reality.

The companies currently investing heavily in AI are all the biggest tech companies in the world – Google, IBM and Microsoft. They won’t stop improving on it, either.  There is too much money in it and we all know what the root of all evil is…

Fake Severed Heads

Kathy-Griffin-Donald-TrumpYou are not going to get this guy to say that what Kathy Griffin did was appropriate at all, so if the conservatives want to be outraged against all liberals, they need to tone it down.  In fact, I would say most people, regardless of their political ideology would say that Griffin’s display did far more harm than good even if it was for the sake of comedy.  It wasn’t funny, either.

But, I can’t seem to let go of the feeling in my stomach that there is some sort of injustice here.  Where was the outrage on the Right when Ted Nugent said all of the completely barbaric things he said about President Obama? Or when he called Obama the “enemy”? What about all the racist things others have said about Michelle Obama? Or even the Obama daughters? It seems that outrage is based on ideology and not humanity. That is disturbing, at the very least.

Any threat to someone’s dignity should not be tolerated, no matter what. There is no reason to carry on with this behavior and expect that we will ever be able to unify as a country.  If you disagree with the left’s agenda, then attack the policy.  Same goes if you do not like the right’s agenda.

Of course, I am probably guilty of calling Trump a complete moron a million times by now.  Hell, I’ve called him a fucking rat bastard narcissist who should be tried for treason, but that’s not a threat of violence and can actually be justified with the current evidence.  Maybe, though, I’m not the right person to spread this message of tolerance.  Even still, let’s stop it with the racist bullshit and the violence.  This is a democracy (for now), so let’s use the tools available to us in a respectful, powerful way to get our agendas to progress.